Battle Creek  Educators' Task Force

Who Are We

The Battle Creek Educators' Task Force is a 501 (c)(3) organization comprised of the Battle Creek Public Schools, the Harper Creek Community Schools, the Lakeview School District, the Pennfield Schools, the Calhoun Intermediate School District, the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools, the Battle Creek (Seventh Day Adventist) Academy, Battle Creek Christian School, Kellogg Community College, Miller College and a community representative. The Battle Creek Educators' Task Force has been in continuous operation since 1984.

Battle Creek Educators' Task Force Mission

The Battle Creek Educators' Task Force's mission is to collaborate with each other, community organizations, local businesses, local government, and individual citizens for the benefit of children who attend member schools and school districts. The Task Force strives to work in a manner designed to help us achieve many of the benefits that could be derived by being a single district, while retaining the unique benefits that are realized by remaining independent entities which serve our various communities and constituents.

Battle Creek Educators' Task Force Purpose Statement

The Battle Creek Educators’ Task Force  is an organization whose main purpose is to work collaboratively (both internally with each other and externally with organizations and individuals whose mission and goals include the welfare of children) to ensure that all students in Battle Creek graduate from high school with the skills, abilities, character, and knowledge necessary to be successful in the next step of choice in their lives, be it college, vocational training, the military, or some other endeavorWe firmly believe that this can be accomplished without "watering down" course work  offered to our student population and  without diminishing the courses we offer to our most advanced students. 

Battle Creek Educators' Task Force ... a Brief History

In 1984 the Battle Creek Educators' Task Force was established by the superintendents of the four Battle Creek area school districts and the President of Kellogg Community College to explore ways of working together to benefit the education of all children in Batle Creek. The organization, for most of its history, has been directed by an area superintendent or college president serving as chair person. During it's history, the Battle Creek Educators' Task Force has developed many successful grants and initiatives that have greatly benefited the children of Battle Creek. Some of the best examples include Project TIME , a $5.7 million federal grant aimed at integrating technology for meaningful learning in social studies and science, Teaching American History, a $3 million federal grant designed to change how teachers teach American history through meaningful learning and strengthening of instructor pedagogy while deepening content knowledge and changing delivery of instruction,  Calhoun Community High School, an alternative charter high school for students who have not been successful in the traditional high school setting, and Community Literacy Collaborative, an organization designed to help make sense out of over 50 literacy programs in Battle Creek.

In 2003, the Battle Creek Educators' Task Force became a 501 (c)(3) charitable incorparated entity whose purpose became to formally collaborate to improve the education of all children in Battle Creek. In 2007, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded a three year grant to provide an Executive Director to more aggressively work on collaboration and to begin the work of achieving the 100% graduation goal of the Battle Creek Educators' Task Force.

Collaborating with Battle Creek

The Battle Creek Educators' Task Force understands how important it is to form true partnerships with our community in order to achieve our goal of 100% graduation of our students. We know that the successful child will have a firm grounding in both cognitive (knowledge based) and affective (behavioral based) skills. We also know that we need help in developing a child's assets in both the cognitive and affective domains. As educators we believe that we need to do better job with student learning in the cognitive domain. With all Battle Creek Educators' Task Force members working together, we are starting to show great improvement in academics.

The Task Force believes that, in general, most of the affective domain behaviors a child possesses are largely out of the control of educators. Educators have little input into a child's behavior,  but increasingly, schools are expected to teach children both academic and behavioral skills. We cannot do this work alone. Working with partner organizations, businesses, local government, parents, and individual citizens, our children will develop the skills needed to self-regulate the way they behave and react. With the help of others, the schools can have students with the life skills needed to be successful in their K-12 education, college, vocational training, at work, in the military, or in life in general. The Battle Creek Compact for Children is intended to help address the partnerships which must take place if all children are to graduate from high school (see Compact page).

Battle Creek Educators' Task Force Member Representatives (Officers in Italics)

Dr. Linda Hicks, Superintendent Battle Creek Public Schools,
Mr. John Severson, Treasurer, Superintendent Harper Creek Community Schools.
Mrs. Karen Hart,  Superintendent Lakeview School District,
Mr. Ben Laser, Chair, Superintendent Pennfield Schools,
Dr. Terance Lunger, Superintendent Calhoun Intermediate School District.
Mrs. Kathy Grosso, Secretary, Principal St. Philip High School,   
Mr. Elvis Agard, Principal Battle Creek Academy,
Mrs. Barb Hesslink, Principal Battle Creek Christian School
Dr. Dennis Bona, President Kellogg Community College,
Dr. David Harris, President Miller College,
Peter Christ, Community Representataive

Contact Us

Ms. Cindy Ruble, Executive Director
Battle Creek Educators' Task Force
Battle Creek, Michigan